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What is a flyer? A flyer is a mini billboard that aims to be distributed to a wider audience and various possible. The flyers templates are used to promote the launch of an activity or conduct of an event. It is therefore similar to a condensed information with an attractive visual that needs attention. While designing your flyer Your flyer should answer two complementary objectives: the first is to urge the public to get to your event or use your benefits. The visual of your communication support must be as creative as possible so that your promotion stands out in a crowded universe publicité.2 The second objective is to share the necessary information to those interested can find the location of the event and / or how to contact your entreprise.Il is essential to bring all essential data: place and date of the event or the opening of your company, contact information (phone, email, website, geographical location ...). The challenge is to successfully integrate a visually attractive and comprehensive information on a small size can hold in one hand or pocket. Most of the time, the flyer does not exceed A5 (or ½ A4) and most often takes the size of 1/3 of A4 in length. How to successfully print flyers templates Most important point in the success of your flyers templates printing is choose a good quality paper reflecting the performance of your business. You choose between a more sober matte paper or glossy paper that will attract attention but can also have failure to do a little "chip". In any case, do not print your flyers templates with a weight less than 120g. because then returned image is not that of a good quality business. The best is entrust the printing of his flyers templates to professional printing (as Veoprint) who will advise you when the print features for optimal rendering. Feel free to print your flyers templates in quantity because the price is decreasing and successful communication campaign through mass promotion to the widest audience possible. How to optimize the distribution of flyers templates The best way to optimize the distribution of your flyers is target different audiences slices and go to the places they used to frequent. Schools and universities for musical evenings, art galleries and shops for exhibitions ... It is advantageous to place in places of forced passages (station, bus stop, shopping center) to reach a maximum audience. Making a flyer seller often requires the intervention of a good graphic designer or agency. Nevertheless we must not forget that the flyer must be there to sell and therefore more design you must treat the message and the offer ... and only you (the seller) is able to provide the ... First for printing flyers, you can choose between different formats, the most common being that of A5 (A5 sheet folded in two) or postcard that has the advantage of being distributed bars, pubs, restaurants ... But it is also possible to make smaller, flyers on the size of business cards ... On paper thickness, it will depend on the life of flyers and its mode of distribution: in the street it will favor a flyer with a low grammage less expensive (the flyer will often thrown just after the distribution), but for deposition in a store or a crossing (restaurant ...) where the flyer will be available for several days or weeks it will adopt a more important weight. For out of ordinary, it's possible to make specific divisions (eg leaf-shaped ...), but the cost is usually a deterrent for mass distribution ... A little trick if you have a small budget: use paper with a flashy color (orange, green ...) and print black text with gradients. For a minimum cost you get an original flyer. Once you have set your budget, location and method of distribution and the main offer, we must reflect on the flyer design. 10 tips for successful flyers Business flyers & flyer Printing : We must respect the AIDA method in building your flyer: Attention (attract attention): Company founders, 1 free drink, read before buying a house ... Interest (raise interest, talk about the problem and your solution): Still single at 30, your books -50% ...? Desire (provoke desire: to remind the benefits via a simple list to read and possibly testimonials). Action (push action): Free presentation, sample, coupon ... Naturally your message should be different depending on whether you wish to generate traffic, find prospects and generate sales ... 1 - Write a powerful grip! You must write a slogan that is easy to remember (eg: Open bar from 19h to 21h, Evening Disco ...) or challenging (eg Your first course Free, ...) or present factually your offer (eg Become Photo of a Pro, Recycle your ink cartridges ...) or just make an irresistible offer (eg English Course 5 € per hour ...). The whole is attract attention and make them want the prospect to learn more. Of course there are magic words like: Easy, Free, Available only, Exceptional, Promotion, How To, You ..., Discover, Upgrade, Do not waste, Forget ... 2 - Use a design that catches the eye. You have only a few milliseconds to convince your prospect to read your offer. We must therefore draw the eye with shimmering colors and original, even Flashy (color choice may depend on the offer because loud colors are more for young, black is "upscale" ...). It's also important to put an image on his flyer ... everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words. By cons avoid putting many small images, prefer high illustrative image that immediately catches the eye. Indeed an image or graphic design catches the eye immediately and made an emotion, which allows you to have a concrete support that will announce your slogan. Treat carefully your image, and will not hesitate to use the free image sites like rights and to find the right image that will best illustrate your offer. But always remember that this is the image to illustrate the offer, not the reverse! 3 - Highlight the benefits to your prospects. Before your flyer should answer these questions: what is this flyer? how this offer interests me? Why me ? What is it for me? What this flyer will help me or solve a problem? What benefits will I learn? Where is it ? When is it ? Of course you have to talk benefits, not features, not to say "we, or I," but "you" and use the imperative ... It must also be very short sentences (but understandable) to reduce the reading effort. It must also treat the layout for readability via a browsing page: bullets, lists, paragraphs, paragraphs color ... For more information visit our articles How to make a sales brochure, How to make advertising that sells ... 4 - Put forward a witness, a quote or an outcome study. There is nothing stronger than a customer testimonial satisfied, it reassures and that gives confidence. A testimony is even stronger if the name and surname of person, city or address, and his picture (on a flyer but it's not easy to integrate!). Similarly if you have a result of study or inquiry please feel free to put forward (eg 95% of customers have found immediate effects within 2 weeks!). 5 - Organize your flyer in thematic blocks reading blocks allow to analyze and read information faster (slogan block, contact block, block special offer ...). To this we must opt ​​for a layout with blocks of thematic texts separated by colors or shapes. Warning against by not overdoing it, a flyer must remain easy to read, the graphics are there to support the message, this is not a work of art (although sometimes Business flyers & flyer Printing are real jewels!) ... 6 - Put forward the essentials. The offer, the price, the location, the date ... must be specially highlighted for a quick read through of color, bold ... By cons avoid capital that are difficult to read, or too graphic fonts that can be pretty but in the end are painful reading. 7 - Remember that too much information kills information! We must SIMPLE: After writing your first draft, try to see everything that is not essential and can be removed. It takes 1 font (2 maximum), and two or three sizes or text styles at most. For Layout, align the texts for optimal playback with a sense of play that share of largest retail (eg theme of the evening, content ...) to finish on time and place that are less important. You must then convince outskirts sale. Attention also to take into account the margin for printing the flyer (see with the printer or imager as Top copy). 8 Make your Business flyers read by an outsider. A common mistake is make his flyer having the head to the grindstone: we sometimes forget important information (place, price ...) to force reshaping the design and text. So we have to re-read the flyer by an external eye (family, friends, colleagues ...) to be on the offer to be clear and understandable by all. Business flyers & flyer Printing : Likewise, it's essential to check before printing the date, price, address, phone number, website ... and spelling because once the printed flyer it will be too late! 9 - Use the duplex The most important is the front of the flyer, it's he who must be the most important message. Moreover it's often not necessary to print on the back. However, if your offer is complex (eg, add more arguments, a program, testimonials ...) or if you want commuiquer a second offer (eg a second theme night later ...), it's interesting to print two beside his Business flyers & flyer Printing. 10 - Push to action your prospects! Make Offer is good, encourage customers to buy, subscribe or simply come is better! To this we must add a call to action: special discount on pre-order voucher to present special offer to the first X clients, gift, free ebook ... Similarly it's extremely interesting to relay this on a website for the prospect deposited their email. Indeed, if at the time of the contact operation is not ready, if you retrieve the contact information you will get back to later.

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